10 Living Room Rug Ideas That’ll Make Your Space Beautiful

10 Living Room Rug Ideas That’ll Make Your Space Beautiful

Rugs are the best option for making a bold statement about your home, adding texture and dimension, and tying the color scheme together. Rugs add plenty of functional and decorative benefits to your home. Modern rug ideas can instantly brighten up your space.

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Rugs cut boundaries and add zones. They also absorb noise and act as excellent insulators, which helps to reduce thermal electricity bills. Rugs can transform your living room profoundly and can add a fun pattern, new style, and liveliness to the environment.

Best Living Room Rug Ideas

Today, we’ll discuss the best living room rug ideas that can enhance the glamour of your living space. There are countless rugs on the market in an endless variety of colors, patterns, designs, sizes, and materials. To help you choose the right one that can intensify your living room’s appearance, we’ve assembled a collection of 10 living room rug ideas.

1. Use Rugs to Instill a Modern Pattern

Rugs can instantly infuse a new style into your living room. For instance, if you have invested in classic traditional furniture but also want a vintage feel in your living room, find a rug that is hippy and ranch styled to meet your requirements.

In the case of a minimalist person with simple furniture in his living room, a dramatic patterned rug can completely change the look of the living room. It will make the room more glamorous and lend an aesthetic appearance to it.

2. Try Out Different Color Schemes

You can experiment with a versatile range of different colored rugs to change the color scheme of your living room. Such an act will make your living room more desirable and attractive. This Color Scheme is very helpful for people who don’t want to change their furniture or paint.

Rugs will only impart all its benefits to a room with a much more neutral-colored pallet. It is because a new rug will add complementary colors to the old color scheme. Matching colored rugs with furniture is not desirable because it masks their presence. For a prominent effect, use rugs in a contrasting color to the interior of the room.

3. Apply Rugs With Distinctive Patterns

Interior home décor with distinguishing patterned rugs is one of the most precarious things to do. Not everyone can match the rug pattern to the room’s interior scheme. But, if it is done precisely and properly, it can alter the living room’s aspect to make it more lavish, modern, and alluring. 

However, if you are being indecisive, then stick to that neutral-colored rug. Rug patterns can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, and it solely depends on you which one you want.

4. Impart a Circular Influence With Rugs

This idea can be applied to large rooms that have the perfect pair of sofas and tables with a circular-shaped rug. These large circular rugs are placed in the center of the room, and many of the furniture accessories are placed on top of them. Such an arrangement of furniture leads to a circular influence in the room. It suits well in rooms with large glass window panels.

5. Blending Rugs to Add Texture

It is a trendy method to layer or superimpose many rugs on top of each other. It is usually done to add texture and make the living room more colorful. The different hues of rugs can specifically enhance the charm of the room.

The number of layers of rugs depends on the size of your room. For an enormous room, you can add up to four layers of rugs together. But for a small room, it is not a recommended method as it requires space. It will also lead to distortion in the color scheme of a small room.

6. Choose an On-Trend Rug Design For a Desirable Look

To make your living room’s appearance desirable and lively, choose modern rug designs and styles. These are the styling ideas that involve all the trending rug designs to make your interior look fashionable.

Some of these ideas involve using a color combination of rugs and room interiors, while others require the use of unique rug patterns. these rug choices, you can opt for a rug that you like and that suits well with your living room interior.

7. Select Cowhide Rugs For a Relaxed Environment

Cowhide rugs are most commonly used in living rooms to create a cozy and relaxed environment, irrespective of how you have decorated the rest of your room. These rugs are the best possible options for an area with heavy foot traffic, such as the living room.

Aside from functionality, these are a practical choice because they are stain-resistant, short-stacked, and enhance the interior room décor.

8. Pick Striped Rugs to Add Character

Modern rug ideas make use of straight or inclined stripes in rugs to add character to the living room. The candy cane striped rug is very popular in this category. It comprises a colored rug surface with a white inclined stripe running along the length of the rug. It is classic and modern at the same time.

9. Convert a Corner into Nook With a Sofa & a Rug

A living room with an open-plan space can be converted into a modern and classy area with the help of a corner sofa and a rug. It is a brilliant rug idea for people with small cornered living room areas. It feels charming and cozy, like a small room.

10. Go For Natural Rugs

Rugs made up of natural organic materials are also entertaining. The area rugs are manufactured using plant fibers. Such area rugs can be used as a room square, a rug, or a runner with a bound. These rugs also add all the functional and decorative benefits to the living room. However, they should not have opted for highly humid places like bathrooms and kitchens.


Living room décor is incomplete without a rug and these rug ideas will enhance the charms of your living room and will make your space beautiful. You can choose any of these rug ideas to fulfill your requirements.

These rug ideas have functional and decorative benefits. Now, it is up to you to choose a rug idea that fits well with your living room decor. You can select from a variety of vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and unique designs to impart an astonishing impact on your living area.


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