Top 10 Living Room Curtain Ideas for a luxurious touch style in any space

Top 10 Living Room Curtain Ideas for a luxurious touch style in any space

Whenever we try to modernise the living room interior, the first few things that come to our minds are the wall colour, modern furniture, and decorative lighting. However, there’s another element that can make an enormous difference in interior decoration and appearance, and that’s decorating your interior with modern drapery styles.


From traditional style to modern looks, your living room space is missing a luxurious touch. It can be done by styling curtains with new ideas in your living room. Such ideas can help you customise your living room interior and make it look more appealing.

Curtain choices are a necessary element of your living room’s appearance. The interior decoration of your home reflects your personality and taste in colours. Window treatments regulate natural light flow in the rooms. Window hangings take up a large surface area in your living room.

Nowadays, modern curtain ideas offer a large variety not just in terms of colour and pattern but in the headings and linings too. Styling window treatments can elevate the look of any room. It is also a chief step in finishing a space.

To upgrade your living room’s interior, you need to consider the size and style of your windows. There are many types of windows, such as classic French windows, traditional bay windows, and modern picture windows. These windows require different curtain styling techniques to upgrade the living room’s interior.

Living Room Curtain Ideas

After searching the internet and reviewing people’s responses, we’ve rounded up some trendy and modern curtain ideas for any style of the living room to help you add a luxurious touch to your living room space.

1. Use Curtains and Blinds in Combination to Add Glamour

Using curtains and blinds together in one window is an excellent idea. It adds glamour and lavishness to your living room, but such elegance has budget requirements. However, if you can afford such a luxury, then choose this style for your living room curtains.

To add a mesmerizing finish to your living room decor, use roman blinds along with full-length dress curtains. Use a styling method for the windows in the same room. 

2. Build a Contrast to the Wall Tone

Boost the theme of your interior by using variations in the wall and curtain colours. If you are tired of using matching coloured curtains, then it is best to change your curtain styling technique.

Colors or patterns can be used to create contrast. To create a desirable contrast, use gloomy colours and simple pattern curtains. For dark-colored walls, you can choose light-colored drapes to enlighten your scheme.

3. Apply Dusky Shades to Add Comfort

You can add comfort and cosiness to your living room by using dim-shaded curtains. Such drapes create a sense of a relaxing environment, and you get better rest. It will add texture and manoeuvrability to your living room scheme.

4. Be Bold with Vibrant Patterns

You can choose flamboyant patterns to help create a plucky environment in your living room. People who find plain pattern curtains boring can go for these lively patterns to add a touch of excitement and liveliness to your living room.

5. Use Distinctive Toned Curtains

From the orange tessellated colours to the purple floral-styled patterns, you can choose any that suits you perfectly. Moreover, we have a wide range of striking hues to decorate your living room in a distinct way with modern curtains.

6. Make Use of Lined Window Coverings

These lined window curtains add a luxurious touch to your living room while also reducing the amount of extra light coming into the room. However, if you decide to line your curtains, make sure they are properly lined to maximise the benefits. Imperfectly lined curtains change the look when the blinds are down.

7. Put in a Cornice

Nowadays, people think pelmets are old-fashioned and look weary. However, the pelmets chosen with the right fabric and interior conditions can make your living room look modern and glistening. Pelmets can finish a pair of curtains ideally, under the right fabric and lighting conditions.

8. Combine with A Sheer Layer

Cosier places such as the living room and bedroom can make use of sheer fabrics underneath a much thicker curtain to add texture and interest to your living space. Sheer layer curtains used in combination with the main drapes are a living room trend once again.


These modern curtain styling ideas give an aesthetic look to your living room. Traditional headings are coming back in style. You can always choose to pair a pelmet top with a modern pattern and lively colours to enliven your living room appearance. Modern living room styling ideas are inexpensive and customizable for any future changes.

Consider the style of your living room before you opt for modern curtain styling ideas. It is best to look at the colour, pattern, and design of your living room curtains to enhance the living room decor. Always prioritise your living room’s interior decoration over any other thing.


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