Living in a digital world

Living in a digital world

You cannot extract technology from our lives today. Most of our daily habits tend to operate in the digital world; from ordering groceries online to work, from connecting with family on the internet to seeking medical counsel, from getting entertained to doing essential steps like studying, there is so much reliance on the digital world.

While there are merits and demerits to living with technology, the latter can be resolved some by taking up healthier practices to mitigate the damage done by our overtly digital existence.

If you don’t take up daily technology practices that are healthy for you, there will be ramifications for your wellbeing, causing especially issues with your posture. Too much use of technology can also cause eye and vision problems, that then require the intervention Eye Specialist in Karachi.

So, how to live in a digital world?

It is entirely possible to be healthy and yet be heavily reliant on technology. This may involve taking up few measures that put your health at the forefront. Some practices to take up include:

Consume good quality content

Technology opens various avenues for you, some good and some bad. With access, it can be tempting to go down the path of poor quality and lewd content, which has a grave impact on your mental wellbeing.

So, be careful about the way you utilize tech and the internet.

Refrain from going down the rabbit holes

While technology has enabled many things, it has not been kind to our attention span.

Most of us can relate to getting just a little work done, after which we are guilty of checking our phones. Either we reach for them ourselves, or tiny message dings and pings can make us grab our phones. It is only hours later that we realize that we have been doom-scrolling Instagram feed.

Similarly, YouTube is another rabbit hole. You might have turned to YouTube for a work or home-related video, not realizing when you went down the rabbit hole.

It is important to catch these moments when we let technology, especially social media, waste our most expensive commodity, time. It also then has a grave impact on your productivity levels, not to mention exponentially increasing our screen time.

Hence, discipline yourself. Keep your phone on do-not-disturb when getting work done. Set reminders for yourself whenever you start using phone, so you know precisely how much time you spend on the app, which makes it easier to leave.

Another way to prevent these lapses is by making your phone or tablet display in greyscale. It will help make the content less appealing, so you don’t waste much time on the devices.

Work on your posture

Whether it be hunching over the desk or tucking your chin in to gaze on our phones, technology can have implications for our posture. You should thus arrange for yourself a good, ergonomic workstation if your work involves use of technology.

Similarly, make sure that you lift your device instead of drooping your neck to look at your phone.

Visiting your eye doctor

Screens and their usage have an important impact on our vision.  If the screen has poor brightness or a lot of glare, your eyes will have to strain to make out the visuals.

Similarly, having smaller fonts, poor contrast, low-screen quality, too much use of screen without breaks also causes issues like digital eye strain.

Gazing at the screen for long periods of time without consciously blinking can cause dry eyes, which then leads to redness, tears and strain in the eyes.

Hence, make sure that you take steps that allow for ease in viewing. Invest in good quality screens. Take frequent breaks in-between screen usage. Make sure the brightness, contrast and the font size are all appropriate. Also, regularly consult an eye doctor like Dr. Ijaz Hussain Siddiqui for checkups so any issues can be resolved in time.


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