Why Should You Invest in a Concealed Carry Jacket?

Why Should You Invest in a Concealed Carry Jacket?

Unlike a plate carrier or bulletproof vest worn under clothing, a concealed carry jacket allows you to look professional and casual while being prepared for dangerous situations. Concealed carry in a jacket is simple and almost undetectable to observers. This is especially true if you choose premium fabrics that help minimize weapon printing and decrease the likelihood that your gun’s sights or trigger will rip your pocket fabric.


concealed carry jacket is designed to look like regular apparel so that it blends with everyday clothing and doesn’t draw attention to a firearm. It is also designed to easily conceal a concealed handgun or ambidextrous pocket holsters in various settings and situations.

The right concealed carry jacket should have enough room in the pockets to accommodate a gun and backup magazines, as well as other gear like keys, wallet, phone, etc. The fabric should be durable and resist moisture to protect the wearer in harsh weather conditions.

Some concealed carry jackets include features that make it easier to access a concealed weapon, such as underarm gussets to avoid limiting the shooter’s movement when reaching for their gun and holster. Others have features to support the use of different carry methods, such as loops to allow for belt mounting. Other features help to reduce printing, such as anti-static fabrics or built-in holster pockets.


A good concealed carry jacket will cover your weapon with little problem. It’s best to look for one on the larger side – not so big that it seems silly, but large enough so that a gun is easily concealed without creating bulges that can give you away.

Some of these are designed to be worn over ballistic plates and holstered weapons, but others have a pocket on each arm wide enough to accommodate a holster and make the gun more hidden in your body. Some of them are a bit padded, as well, which helps minimize the gun’s print on your clothing.

Some jackets, such as the safari/photographer’s vests that are popular with travelers in rough areas, are ideal for concealed carry. They are long enough to hide holsters at the waist, thick enough to disguise bulges, and offer plenty of pockets for ammunition and other things. They also have a full zipper or button placket, which is better for quick access to your firearm.


A concealed carry jacket should be comfortable to wear. It should fit snug enough that it does not impede the accessibility of your gun, but it should also be loose enough to conceal your handgun and backup magazines. It should also refrain from snagging on accessories like car keys or gun cleaning kits when worn with other gear.

A good concealed carry jacket should have interior holster pockets large enough for most handguns, and they should be well-positioned so you can easily reach them even when wearing gloves. Many purpose-designed jackets also include pass-through pockets for appendix carriers that eliminate the need to unzip or hike up the coat when accessing your firearm.

A good concealed carry jacket should blend with street clothes and feel comfortable, regardless of the weather. Look for a jacket with adjustable cuffs that prevent the sleeves from interfering with a concealed-carry draw and ambidextrous pocket holsters to accommodate any pistol.


A concealed carry jacket should do two things: keep you warm and hide a gun. Unfortunately, many everyday winter jackets don’t accomplish either of those tasks well.

When choosing a concealed-carry jacket, look for pockets to secure a holster or other carry system. These pockets should feature some form of attachment hook and loop to ensure your holster stays in place.

If you wear a belt while carrying, the jacket must fit comfortably around the waist. A too-tight jacket can restrict your range of motion, making it harder to draw. A jacket is a perfect choice for anyone who needs a full-weather jacket with concealed carry capabilities. It’s designed to accommodate IWB or OWB holsters and can also house a variety of other accessories, including maps, keys, wallets, pepper spray, etc. The jacket also features a comfortable hood for extreme weather conditions.

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