How To Utilize Step and Repeat For Maximum Brand Exposure

How To Utilize Step and Repeat For Maximum Brand Exposure

When you need to grow on a global platform, the simple hack can be the step up and repeat form of the banners. Making the right marketing plan along with perfect execution together contributes to the growth of a business. Indeed, this can not only promote your brand but make people associate the brand with the top level of the social and business world. 

Embedding the concept

One of the prime reasons for choosing this option for the banner is the emphasis on repetition. The entire space of the background will have one layer of printed materials where your company’s name and logo will be shining in steps all across the banner. 

  • According to the nature of human psychology, whenever an individual looks at something in series and layers, the memory embeds in the brain. 
  • Moreover, as people will see hundreds of pictures of their favorite celebrities with your brand’s logo as the backdrop, viewers will automatically associate the brand with the celebrity. 

Thus, it has become an alluring form of marketing for any brand.

Choose the right size for the logo

The logo on the big banner is the representation of the presence of your business. Hence, you have to be very careful about the size of the logo. Ideally, you have to repeat the logo the maximum number of times without making the background seem too “busy.” 

  • Take pictures to see how many logos are visible in one shot. 
  • The ideal count is to keep at least three to four complete loos visible even with the celebrity in front of the backdrop. 
  • Rectangular logos are good with a width of 9” to 12”. 
  • Square logos will look better in the range of 5” to 8”.

The font size should be good enough to be visible and not disturb the presence of an individual in front of it. 

Maintaining the size accuracy 

Avoid the tiny logos as these will be very difficult to read and will appear as garbles in the photos. But the real danger lies in making the big logos while designing the Step and Repeat banner.

Therefore, scale down the designs and keep them small but legible. Viewing multiple logos at a time is more effective than viewing one and that too, partially. 

Avoid choosing gaudy colors

The logo designs should be always elegant and legible. You have to avoid the colors that can be too bright or too mismatched as a contrast to each other. There is always the option to tone down the official colors of the logo and use the more muted hues. Otherwise, the deep or gaudy colors can “bleed” into the image.

Discuss in detail with professional designers who can share their practical experience and help you determine the right size. 


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