How to Use Candles When You Have Guests Over?

How to Use Candles When You Have Guests Over?

Holidays and candles seem to go hand in hand, and because candles are very inexpensive, there is no better or simpler way to decorate your home for the season. Don’t forget to illuminate the restroom, especially if fragrant candles are available. Guests passing a bedroom on their way to the restroom may be tempted to look if the door is open, so why not adorn the room with a few candles?

The warm light of candles tends to establish the tone for a party, and the color of the candles will also improve the décor. Try adding a few additional candles to the Christmas decorations this year, maybe on the mantle, the dining table, the couch table, or the middle of the cocktail table, to name a few potential locations.

Remember that odd numbers are often more engaging than even ones. One is superior to two, and three is superior to two or four. Odd-numbered candles are also simpler to arrange into visually attractive clusters. Consider it a plus if the candle in the bedroom is perfumed. If the candle is aroma therapeutic, then you will get more benefits.

Candles may be embellished with flowers, garlands, tinsel, cotton “snow,” holly wreaths, and much more. Just ensure that the fire is sufficiently far from the decorations for safety. Dim the lights while using candles to get the greatest impact. In general, the environment should be one of quiet, tranquility, and peace. However, you should ensure that there is enough illumination in essential areas, such as stairs. The mood will be provided by dimly lit chambers lighted by flickering candles.

How Candles Inspire Recollections

As previously said, we mainly use our eyes and hearing to absorb information, but it is our sense of smell that allows us to recall important experiences and experience the same feelings again. This is because the olfactory bulb, which processes odors. You can find it at the base of the brain.

Similar to the regions of your brain responsible for processing emotions and memories. When these internal complexities converge, they create olfactory memories that last a lifetime.

Why Candles Instead of Other Scented Products?

There are other goods, including deodorizers and shower onions, that may make your vacation rental smell lovely, but candles are chosen for a number of reasons. Candles are not seasonal items, yet each season has its unique candle that complements its atmosphere. Our meaning is as follows:

Honeysuckle and cherry blossoms are popular in the spring.

Coconut and sea salt make a delicious combination in the summer.

Apple and cinnamon enhance the autumn season.

Vanilla and peppermint are winter-appropriate flavors.

Add this seasonal touch to your vacation home so that visitors can really appreciate whichever season they visit during their stay.

Here is how this will assist you:

Let’s say you have a coconut-scented candle on the rear patio table of your vacation rental when a family arrives one summer. Parents and children enjoy one of the happiest weeks of their life, and their late-night meals on the terrace are accompanied by this coconut-scented candle. The next summer, they attend a BBQ at a neighbor’s home and smell the same candle.

What Will This Cause People to Consider?

How much fun they had at your vacation home the previous summer!

This is permanently etched in their thoughts, and every time they get a smell of a coconut candle, they will want to return to the family’s favorite vacation spot, which is your property. Never undervalue the strength of the nose.

Candles with many candle box inserts are now popular. This pun was just too fantastic to pass up.

Nevertheless, the candle business is thriving!

According to this analysis, the candle market was valued at $3.54 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach $6.64 billion by 2027.

Quite significant, yes?

This implies that you have a variety of alternatives when it comes to purchasing candles for your vacation rental, and a significant number of those possibilities may come from local small companies.

What A Fantastic Way to Assist Local Businesses!

Investigate local retailers that offer fragrant candles and stock your vacation rental with them. Let your visitors know where you purchased the candles since if they enjoy them sufficiently, they may purchase a memento from the same place.

This is a useful method for enhancing the local experience. If you are unable to locate a shop selling candles in your neighborhood, consider these 30 Etsy sellers that have achieved success in the industry.

Create A Candle Fireplace

It is possible to create the illusion of a fireplace if you have a large empty space, such as an empty study table. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using a variety of textures, colors, and sizes of candles.

Add pebbles or a wooden cover to complete the design. In addition to boosting the appearance of your living areas, the candle fireplace will provide a comforting light for visitors.

Use Clear Glasses

You don’t really need candlesticks! Place candles in a clear glass and see the contrast. Place a cluster of them in varying sizes on any table, side shelf, or in front of mirrors to increase their luminescent impact. Wrap them with twine to create a rustic atmosphere or something shinier if we’re using them for Diwali decorations.

Put Them Inside a Lantern

Candles set in a glass lantern provide an incredible antique appearance. Place them outside or hang them inside to illuminate a nook or corner. Decorate it with an antique or opulent frame to make it magnificent and to enhance the opulence of the environment.

Reuse The Existing Mirror Frame

Festivals are a great opportunity to reuse items no longer in use. Therefore, why not repurpose an antique mirror frame as a candle tray? When a pair of candles are put above the mirror, the light will be reflected, drastically boosting its brightness and brilliance.

For an unusual touch, you may even add a stylish candle holder on top of the mirror.

Utilize Them as A Table Accent

Expecting dinner guests? Candles are a beautiful addition to a dinner table. Use a few glittering wine glasses as candlestick holders and arrange them in a cascade. The candlelight will shine through the goblet, providing much-needed elegance to your dinner gathering. Utilize fragrant candles and add in some flowers to amaze your visitors.

Safety Is Essential

When utilizing candles for house decoration, it is ideal for you to take care of many things. To reduce the risk of fire, avoid putting candles near flammable materials or electrical equipment. Avoid putting candles on table edges while placing them on tables.


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