How to Improve Your Speaking Score in the IELTS Exam?

How to Improve Your Speaking Score in the IELTS Exam?

The IELTS Speaking module is often regarded as the most challenging component of the test. as it involves direct communication with the examiner. While taking this exam, many pupils experience severe anxiety. The fourth and last part of the IELTS exam is this module. In essence, this 11–14 minute module includes an oral interview with the examiner. In this post, we’ve provided some advice on how to improve your speaking module preparations.

Three sections make up the speaking module: You will be asked some standard questions in the first section about your hobbies, family, job, studies, and home. You must talk about a specific but broad subject in the second section. The examiner will also allow you a minute to arrange your thought. Finally, in the third section, you will be given the opportunity to elaborate on your response when the examiner asks additional questions related to part two. Before signing up for the IELTS exam date, make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the content required to pass each IELTS module.

To raise your IELTS speaking score, read the advice provided below.

Speak naturally paced

Your speaking pace may fluctuate a little bit throughout the exam if you’re anxious. Additionally, it will alter the tone of your speech. You’ll either talk too quickly or too loudly. But with enough practise, you can prevent it. Keep in mind that if you concentrate on your worries, you will feel more anxious. Put your attention back on your skills as a result. When taking the speaking exam, be composed. Maintain your normal pace while speaking correctly.

Remain calm

You must maintain your composure since you will need to handle many tasks at once while taking the exam. Which will be a difficult assignment for you. But doing so is essential if you want to communicate your point clearly. Your anxiousness will be apparent to the examiner from the tone of your voice. So, stop worrying and concentrate on the positive. You’ll do better in the module if you answer questions while remaining calm yet focused.

Explain your responses

Giving a lengthy response is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of fluency. As a result, when taking the exam, try to explain your responses. You may expand your response by doing this. However, sacrificing on accuracy won’t help you do better. Try to speak English accurately and clearly. Without a doubt, fluency is a crucial IELTS evaluation factor. So make sure your speech has a decent flow.

Make use of the one minute

You will have one minute to refine your concept for phase two. You must make wise use of this window of time. Even if you are assigned an unfamiliar subject, keep in mind that you must have something to contribute. Therefore, try to stay calm and consider how you may improve on your response. your friend’s story, your own experiences, or even anything connected to the subject. Avoid pausing excessively since doing so will make you less fluent.

Do not memorise the solution

You won’t do better if you try to memorise long passages of speech. Please stay away from this if you often memorise your response. During the preparation period, you must increase your vocabulary, study idioms, and practise diligently. In front of the mirror, practise speaking on various subjects. Yes, we do recognise that speaking in front of a mirror and an examiner is quite different. But getting more practice will definitely assist you in significantly boosting your confidence.

Pay attention to your pronunciation

It makes no difference whether you lisp or have another speech issue. Your pronunciation will be evaluated on the IELTS test. We assure you that pronouncing English words is really simple. It’s simple to pronounce them. Yes, there are some terms that might make it difficult for you to retain your fluency, like sixth. However, the examiner can clearly grasp this. Therefore, when taking the exam, pay attention to proper pronunciation.

Before scheduling your IELTS/PTE exam date, we encourage you to get familiar with good sentence structure and terminology. On the official website of the organisation in charge of administering the test, you may reserve an appropriate exam date.


You may reenergize your energy to perform successfully by concentrating on your skills. Have trust in the diligent job you have done, and present your response with assurance.


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