How Should I Store My Tyres To Increase Their Lifespan?

How Should I Store My Tyres To Increase Their Lifespan?

Tyres are among the most crucial elements of a vehicle. You can’t neglect your car tyre’s health because they are the only element that touches the road. They are responsible for your car rolling in your desired direction, accelerating, braking actions, etc. But, all these activities wear them out a lot. So, changing your car tyres after a point is essential for your safety.

Along with that, there are different types of tyres for different seasons across the year. And, you need to change the tyres accordingly. It is because the tyres suitable for the summer season won’t work well in heavy snow and vice versa.

The conclusion of this is that no matter what you do, you have to change your tyres and store them or get new tyres. But, if you have to store your current pair of tyres, you must know how to do that efficiently. It is due to the fact that the way you store your tyres determines how long they are going to be useful. Storing your tyres carefully can elongate their lifespan, save them from damage, etc.

So, we are here with our expert knowledge on how to effectively store your Car Tyres Reading and expand their lifespan.

How should I store tyres at home?

Is it time to tuck away your summer or winter tyres already? Or are you planning for an extended vacation on the other side of the world? Either way, you have to store away your tyres for a certain amount of time.

So, before putting away your car tyres in the garage, make absolutely sure that it is clean and clear of all the dust, dirt and foreign materials. It becomes easy to implement once you separate the tyres from the car. You can clean the tyres in a better way.

Take some cleaning agents or detergents out and mix them well with water. Use the mixture along with a brush to clean your tyre treads properly. It is possible to have many foreign materials inside the tread of the tyres. Make it to the top of the list of the cleaning process of your tyre. Use the brush to brush off the dirt and pat them dry with a cloth, once the cleaning process is over.

Now for the next step, take a plastic bag and put each tyre into a different one. Once you put them all inside, take the help of a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air inside the plastic and make it an air-tight bag. Close the bag firmly with tape now. Repeat this step for all the four tyres of your vehicle.

Airtight bags helps in the reduction of natural oil evaporation from your tyres. Tyres tend to dry out and crack over the course of time. And, these natural oil substances prevent the cracking of tyres. So, storing them by following this step can elongate their lifespan.

Best Way To Store The Winter Tyre

Winter snow demands winter tyres and you should never neglect this demand. But, the winter tyres don’t work well above 7 degrees celsius. So, you have to put them away when the summer comes. It is quite crucial to store your winter tyres in the proper way to save them from damaging factors. Heat, humidity, UV rays, etc can damage your tyre to a great extent. The impact can be especially bad if your tyre is old enough.

So, you must store your winter tyres in a place free from direct sunlight, in a shade or cool spot. You should also avoid keeping them in open areas. Any moderately ventilated room would work instead of an open space

Now, if you decide to store your tyres without the wheels, better keep them standing in a vertical manner. And, if you keep the wheels in, keep them horizontally on one another.

Best Way To Store The Summer Tyre

Just like the winter tyres, you can’t use your summer tyres below the temperature of 7 degrees celsius. You again have to pack up your summer tyres and bring out your winter tyres. So, let’s keep it safe and free from wear until the next summer arrives.

Summer tyres have a composition of a softer rubber material than winter tyres. They also have lesser elasticity in comparison to the winter tyres. So, they are prone to cracking up in the cold.

Hence, it is advisable to store them indoors.

You can use a tyre for up to 10 years if you maintain them properly. Otherwise, 3-6 years would be the maximum lifespan of your tyres.

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