Get Your Autism and ADHD Assessments Done At Quantum Health 

Get Your Autism and ADHD Assessments Done At Quantum Health 

Quantum Health, a GP Consultation clinic based in Shawlands, Glasgow, is the best option for you if you are looking for autism and ADHD assessments. We are a team of experienced doctors who know how to give patients the exact treatment they need. Because we’re located in the heart of Glasgow, it is pretty easy to reach our clinic. Take a bus, car, or train, and we will be waiting for the best solutions to treat you. 

We provide services related to GP Consultations, weight management, health screenings, employment and insurance medicals, travel clinic, etc. You can also book appointments related to physiotherapy and ear wax removal. Our travel clinics are extremely beneficial for people who want to travel and need to get their COVID-19 tests done as soon as possible. We at Quantum Health are providing Fit to Fly COVID testing to people. So, be it any destination you’re traveling to at any moment, we’ll be there with our travel clinic. Our team of efficient doctors and staff will ensure that you get your vaccination done and reach your destination safely. From useful advice and suggestions to allergy blood test consultation, we offer it all at Quantum Health.

Private Skin Specialist Glasgow

If you work at a company or if you are an employee yourself, our employment & insurance medicals are for you. We provide a reliable and convenient range of medicals with rapid turnarounds. Starting from foreign travel and visa medicals to life insurance assessments, and pre-employment check-ups, we provide it all. You can trust our responsive, friendly, and effective advice. 

We known to treat various health-related concerns and give consultations regarding them. If you are facing eczema and dermatitis, book a consultation service from a private skin specialist Glasgow. The issues related to the skin can be sensitive and may require deep attention. If you feel that your skin inflamed, immediately get in touch with Autism and ADHD our team, and we will come up with the best possible solution. If a person starts facing an issue that is out of our medical boundaries, we will help them to connect with a specialist from the team, who can further pick the most accurate treatment for them. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us through our email or contact number, and book a consultation today.


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