Five tips to achieve the best score in Google PageSpeed Insights

Five tips to achieve the best score in Google PageSpeed Insights

You must consider several factors when creating a website. One of these is the Pagespeed. This is the time it takes for a webpage to appear fully in the browser.

We have 5 tips to help you get the best score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

What is Page Speed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights allows you to analyze the loading times of your website. This tool allows you to find information about each URL and determine what files or elements are slowing down the page’s loading speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights gives you data about the loading time and performance on the web. It also offers recommendations on where and how to optimize your website.

Google PageSpeed is easy to use. You just need to type the address of your website and wait for the tool to finish analyzing your entire webpage. Then you’ll get all the information you need about its performance.

Why PageSpeed is important?

PageSpeed is essential to ensure that your website works properly.

If you want your SEO and your SEM strategy to achieve the desired results, it is important to consider the speed and health of your website. You must consider other factors such as response time, image size, and download speed.

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5 Tips to Get the Perfect PageSpeed Insights

We will now tell you 5 tips to help you get the best score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

These are some tips to consider before you dive into it.

  • Do not obsess over getting a 100/100 outcome.
  • A good web design is more than just getting a good result in Google PageSpeedInsights.
  • It all depends on where your website is hosted. You won’t be able to make the necessary improvements to get the highest score.
  • These values are indicative. The actual speed at which your webpage loads is the most important.

Optimize images

To improve your PageSpeed Score, you must first fix unoptimized images. Optimizing images will result in:

Speed up your website

This will make your web page faster, which will improve the user experience and page views. With this, you can achieve better positioning in Google.

Increase Visitors

Visitors will increase if you speed up the website and improve its positioning. This will increase your revenue and conversion. The number of people who visit a website.

Use less space on the server

You can reduce the image size to save space on your server.

You must follow these steps to optimize your image.

  • Images should be used with the exact size that they will appear on the internet.
  • WordPress Make sure you specify the size of your images in the administration panel. Avoid uploading large images
  • Software programs are used to compress images.

Also, remember that compressing images does not reduce their quality.

Remove display-blocking JavaScript

This is a very common problem when using PageSpeed Insights. It is because there are JavaScript resources that block the display of the content of upper pages.

Javascript interface

This problem can be easily solved. It is easy to remove this problem by simply installing the AyncJS and CSS plugin to your WordPress page.

After you have done this, Google PageSpeed Insights will show you an improved result if you enter the URL of your website again.

Minify JavaScript

Minifying JavaScript is the process of removing all JavaScript that does not support its operation. The objective is to make it as light as possible.

Google provides the most straightforward way to minify JavaScript. You can also download the optimized files at the bottom.

You can also minify the code manually. However, programming is required.

Enable GZIP compression

GZIP compression allows you to reduce the file size before anyone can download them. This will make it easier for people to download the files faster and will also speed up the loading of your website.

Specifies browser cache

The browser cache stores parts of websites you have visited so that when you type them again, they are not loaded all at once.

The browser cache correctly configured will speed up the website’s loading time and result in a higher score.


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