Electric Vehicle Charger – Home Installation

Electric Vehicle Charger – Home Installation

A vehicle, be it personal or public, plays a crucial role in today’s modern world. Now going from one place to another isn’t that difficult. But as you all know, everything comes with a price. We are not talking about the vehicle price but the pollution it causes. Opting for an electric vehicle and having an Electric vehicle charging point is a smarter and safer choice.

Why an electric vehicle?

Cars have become part of our daily lives. Even for short distances, we prefer to take care because they are comfortable. What they forget is vehicles also cause air pollution. The gases released by a car such as carbon mono oxide is dangerous to health. They can cause lung cancer, asthma and other diseases. Now you can opt for different options here. And no we aren’t talking about cycling or walking. No matter what the distance you want to cover you can always choose an electric vehicle. Why? you ask.

Getting an electric vehicle reduces the risk of global warming as well. And most importantly it keeps you and the people around you safe. An electric vehicle does not consume fuel, thus no release of toxic gas. That means no worries about the rising rate of petrol or diesel. Just like your mobiles, laptop, refrigerator or any other devices, the electric vehicle also needs charging. Since the electricity is much cheaper than any fuel it seems like a perfect deal.

You may think, where will you find a charging point for your electric vehicle. People are becoming more and more aware of the harm these vehicles are causing to them and the environment. They are choosing an eco-friendly way with an electric vehicle. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers are setting up more and more stations. But you can always invest a bit more and get yourself a home installation of electric vehicle charging points.


Having a home charging point is a relief. You don’t have to get up early in the more and rush to the charging station to charge your vehicle. It may seem like you are wasting money on it. Wait until you don’t have to stand in line for your turn to charge your vehicle. Below are the few advantages of having an electric vehicle charging point at home.


The owner of a charging point does not need to worry about finding a charging station. They can do it at home only. You can charge your vehicle while doing your chores or just relaxing. How convenient right?

Charging Station

Finding an electric vehicle charger is easy. You just need to search nearby charging stations in your search engine. Besides that, the stations have connected to a network. So your home charging point will be on the network and the drivers can locate the nearby charging point. This can also be an opportunity to earn some extra money. Or you can restrict your charger usage to family and friends.


The device undergoes a test to ensure your safety while charging. Also to that, you can start or stop the charging remotely at any time.


Minus the fuel cost, the extras you will have to pay at the charging station just to get your vehicle half charging. You will notice the home charging points are much cheaper than the others. They can become a source of extra money. And with a solar charging station, you can save even more.

Fast Charging

Traditional power sockets can also charge your vehicle. But a home charging point will fast your vehicle faster. They are a much safer means of charging your vehicle.

Battery Life

Just like any other device such as your mobile phone, you need to charge it to 100%. Half charging reduces the battery life of your device. You do not get time to charge your vehicle fully at a charging station because of the waiting line behind you. A home charging point is not only convenient but also allows you to charge fully without any rush.


Almost all-electric vehicles are compatible with all the electric chargers. So you don’t have to worry about that.

Property Value

As more and more people are inclining toward the electric vehicles. House buyers are looking for a house with an electric vehicle charging point. Having a home electric vehicle charging point automatically increases the resell value. You can make a profit with an early investment in electric vehicle charging points.

Monitoring Electric Consumption

You don’t have to worry about monitoring electricity consumption. The charging device collects the consumption data from the charging service. Which it sends to you. Investing in the OZEV grant is a great opportunity for you to save money and the environment at the same time.


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