EAN barcodes: Is it reliable to be used in different variety of ways?

EAN barcodes: Is it reliable to be used in different variety of ways?

What is the EAN number?

EAN full form is European Article Number which is one of the standardized barcodes that contains 13-digit GTIN on the products who is located out of Indian country like- UK expect USA and Canada. EAN barcode contains the particular origin of the country, manufacturer, and product number.EAN Barcode printing online is used particularly in the country which contains the information of the product. And more importantly to make it specific and different from other products we have to mention barcodes accordingly. The difference might you see will be the product differentiation, types, and specification. And here we have two types of EAN  barcodes:

1.      An 8-digit code, which is used for small products

2.      An 13-digit code, used by traders and exporters for using large or heavy products.

Is it necessary to know how to get an EAN?

You cannot just randomly combine or mix different numbers to produce an EAN code, because that’s not how they’re utilized. It is the unique property of GS1 to use barcodes. In order to export a huge amount, you’ll need to get an exact quantity of EAN codes. Amazon’s Service Provider Network, or SPN, can provide assistance with EAN codes.

This number may only be obtained by signing up with the global standards organization, GlobalSign (GS1). ” There are a few business documents, such as your PAN and GST, that must be submitted. Additional options include submitting the application form online. Including all of your company’s product variants and categories is a need. When submitting an application, the specified number of EAN codes cannot be changed. In most cases, this process takes seven to ten business days.

Barcodes are used in a variety of ways

If you want to buy EAN barcodes online might be the best decision, as having your own one is the perfect way to consider your own products and use them in a different way!

Coupons for Mobile App

Smartphone-savvy buyers are increasingly looking for savings in the form of mobile coupons — coupons that can be scanned by an imager.

Loyalty on the Go

Restaurants and hotels are increasingly providing consumers the chance to sign up for and track purchases using a mobile application and reward them for their loyalty following the success of mobile loyalty programs by many big retail chains. A worker must scan the barcode on their mobile device to claim their benefits.

Credit card

Customers can use a gift card that has been uploaded to their mobile app to pay for items. This sort of mobile payment is frequently linked to a mobile loyalty program as a full solution.

Capture of many barcodes at once (multi-code)

Some cases necessitate the capacity to concurrently collect numerous barcodes and populate a database with the data. The UPC code, date of manufacture, and serial number may all be extracted from a product by a store, allowing them to better track their inventory and service their customers.

Related content and signs

An item, person, document, or signature can be photographed using a 2D imager under specific circumstances.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Customers’ names and account numbers on invoices may be decoded using an imager, which can then be used to populate an application. In addition, U.S. Currency and the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) typefaces are both supported.


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