Differences Between Highlights & Lowlights Hair Extensions 

Besides getting a haircut, there are several ways to diversify your hairstyles artistically. Adding a splash of color is one of the most widespread techniques for women to achieve creative styles, and highlights and lowlights have become the go-to method!

Highlights and lowlights are two significantly different methods that, although frequently used interchangeably, give your hair a completely different look, even with Long remy hair extensions

So, it’s time to clear the record, once and for all. Keep reading to learn the difference between highlight and lowlight Remy hair extensions!

What Are Highlight Remy Hair Extensions?

Brighten your style with highlights 

Highlights are a coloring technique where hair strands are colored two or three shades lighter than your natural hair color. You can find numerous highlighted short or long Remy hair extensions. 

The main goal of applying highlights or wearing highlight Remy hair extensions to your hair is to give it more smoothness and texture while making it look brighter and livelier.

The color of your highlights is influenced by your skin tone and natural hair color. With highlighted Remy hair extensions, ensure that they are not more than three shades lighter than the base color. 

Otherwise, you will end up with what’s called the zebra or skunk color, where the highlight and natural color clash with each other. 

Highlighted long Remy hair extensions are perfect if you have dark hair and want to add depth to your hair without color-treating your hair!

Highlight Remy hair extensions, when installed correctly, will give you a tropical sun-kissed radiance and put you in vacation mode!

Highlight Remy Hair Extensions Price

Due to their popularity, you can find highlights made with Remy natural hair extensions in multiple forms, clip-ins being the most popular choice. 

High-quality highlighted Remy extensions can cost approximately 850 for single highlight extensions and 12000 IRS for a set. 

What Are Lowlights Remy Hair Extensions?

Beautiful lowlights with depth and richness 

Lowlights are a coloring technique where your hair is colored a few shades darker than the base color as opposed to highlights, which are brighter than the base color.

Lowlight remy natural hair extensions are an excellent technique to give complexity to your hair, particularly if you want to tone down brassy or highlighted hair. 

You can also use lowlight Remy natural hair extensions to cover gray strands without dyeing your hair. 

Lowlight Remy Hair Extensions Price

Based on where you buy them from and the quality, lowlight Remy hair extension’s price can vary. You can typically expect to pay about 800 for a single lowlight extension and between 11000-19000 IRS for a set of lowlight Remy hair extensions. 

Key Difference Between Highlight And Lowlight Extensions 

Highlight Remy Natural Hair ExtensionsLowlight Remy Natural Hair Extensions
Highlight Remy natural hair extensions look better on women with dark hair.Lowlight Remy natural hair extensions look better on women with lighter hair.
Highlight extensions help lift your hair and provide you with a livelier result.Lowlight extension’s contrast provides depth and richness.  
Wearing highlight extensions can help provide an impression of a lighter skin tone.Lowlight long Remy hair extensions is one of the quickest ways to conceal over-highlighted hair


As stated in the beginning, there are various ways to experiment with styles, i.e., highlights and lowlights. With highlight and lowlight remy human hair, you don’t have to worry about damaging your strands either!

Now that you understand the difference between highlights and lowlights, which one will you choose?

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