July is National Great Outdoors Month! Tips for How to Celebrate it with your children

July is National Great Outdoors Month! Tips for How to Celebrate it with your children

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It’s National Great Outdoors Month, and what better way to make unforgettable memories of summer with your family than to enjoy all the wonders of nature? What can you do with your children and make the most of all the benefits on offer in July? Here are five suggestions for engaging even the most insignificant of outdoor enthusiasts.

Take Advantage of Your State Park’s Programming!

Your state park can be an unending source of family-friendly, fun activities. Think about attending the Firefly Walk! The month of July is the most popular time for fireflies to be well-known for dancing in the night sky by stunning shimmering. If you and your family plan to visit a firefly spotting spot, be prepared! Certain parks, like Smokey Mountain National Park. Smokey Mountain National Park is so famous that you must enter an online lottery to access the perfect viewing area at the daycare near.me. If you are interested in parks, make sure you purchase a “Park Passport” from the gift shop at the park. Your child won’t only keep the memories of your visit and will also enjoy getting unique stamps for their passport from every one of the places you visit.

Find Treasure ….Go Geocaching!

Every child knows there’s excitement in finding hidden treasures, But who would have imagined that it could be an educational experience? Geocaching is the perfect blend of nature and technology. Utilizing a free phone app or GPS-enabled device, you must locate an undiscovered box containing a “treasure” left by the last Geocacher. If you choose to take the treasure you discover at home, go something similar to the next group to explore. Who is to say where your search might bring to? Cache boxes can be found anywhere from a pleasant suburb to a mountain top! When you get home, you and your child adventurer can record your findings on geocaching.com together.

Unplug with a Fun Camp Experience Your Kids will enjoy.

Tossing your old tent and cooler in the back of your car could be the beginning of a perfect family getaway. There’s a reason customs like eating s’mores while wearing sticky fingers are passed down across generations. They’re too wonderful to leave behind! The camp scene has plenty of diversity to make this a more vibrant summertime tradition. To begin, consider swapping out the tent! If your family members are guests to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia, For instance, there is the possibility to stay in a comfortably furnished yurt. Yurts can allow up to six people and come with access to your private fire pit and shared bathroom if you’re looking for a riverside experience and want to stay in a family-sized “treehouse” over the Edisto River in South Carolina.

Teach Your Child Your Favorite Outdoor Pastime.

Nothing beats watching your child have fun doing something you were a part of your childhood was a way to make dirt on your nails and to laugh for hours. Did you enjoy kayaking when you were a kid? Hire a kayak for two and guide your new paddler in protecting your eyes. Are you ready to take on the forest trails? Make your mixture with your young children, and then put on your hiking boots. What better way to instil the love of the outdoors in your children than to introduce them to your most loved method of getting outdoors and playing?

Start in Your Backyard.

Even though this holiday is every calendar year, it is possible to nourish your child’s passion for outdoor play. Even when you don’t have a lot of space to plant an outdoor garden, you can purchase a couple of large or washtubs. Cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash are excellent starting plants for you and your child to cultivate, even in a small space. As a bonus, it is possible to break open the can of paint to paint the planter pots to create memories that remain a treasure long after summer has ended.

Here are five ways you and your kids can enjoy the sun and gain an appreciation for Mother Nature this July. Let this inspire you to go outside and explore! If you like PB&J sandwiches on your front porch or spend hours driving to discover an unfamiliar state park, you’ll never regret celebrating National Great Outdoors Month with your beautiful children.


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