Covid-19 Vaccine Passport Scams

Covid-19 Vaccine Passport Scams

In order to obtain a “Covid Pass,” a “Coronavirus Digital Passport,” or a “Covid Travel Certificate,” consumers are being invited in new scams that are popping up as more people acquire their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Scam mails typically invite the receiver to click on a link that takes them to a fake NHS website where they are asked to provide personal and financial information.

Some emails contain links that ask the recipient to register for a “Coronavirus Digital Passport.” Applying for a passport, the email claims, “would enable you to travel freely and safely around the world without having to self-isolate.” The URLs in these emails take you to fake NHS-branded websites where you must submit your personal information and pay a modest “admin fee” in order to acquire the passport.

Never will you be required to pay for a copy of your vaccination history.

You won’t receive an email or text inviting you to apply for a “Coronavirus digital passport” or travel certificate.

By checking in to the NHS Scotland website with your specific username and password in Scotland, you can order a printed copy or download a PDF of your vaccination status (found on your vaccination appointment letter). The COVID-19 Status Helpline’s phone number is 0808 196 8565.


To obtain a copy of your covid vaccination  history, ask you for any payment.

request your bank information

request that you give copies of your identification documents, such as your passport, to establish your identity.

inform you that you have a certain amount of time to submit an application to receive your status

How to keep oneself safe:

Only the National Health Services of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland will offer coronavirus vaccines in the UK. The NHS, your employer, a nearby GP office, or a pharmacy may get in touch with you to arrange for your vaccination. Keep in mind that immunisation is free. You won’t ever be prompted to make a payment.

– The NHS will never request the details of your bank account or credit card.

– The NHS will never show up unannounced at your door to administer the shot. – The NHS will never ask you for your PIN or banking credentials.

– The NHS would never request copies of personal documents like your passport, driver’s licence, bills, or pay stubs in order to Verify Vaccination Passport for  your identification.

According to the director of the programme, nearly 300 “fraudulent applications” for Covid-19 immunisation certificates have been turned down.

The certificate enables travellers to demonstrate that they have received all necessary Covid-19 vaccinations for entrance into countries that require them.

After being plagued by technological issues for several days, the system went back online on Saturday night.

It is currently “stable and running well,” according to Dr. Eddie O’Neill.

“We’ve rejected 294 applications where people tried to fraudulently claim a covid  certificate verification,” he continued, “and we had three people who made 38 applications between them, each time providing a different vaccination date.”

If a person is going overseas up until and including August 17, they can apply through the NI Direct website.

numerous applications

The system, which is accessible through the NI Direct website, has been unavailable since last Tuesday due to worries that certain users would be able to read the information of other users.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has been informed of the data breach that resulted in the suspension, and it has stated that it is investigating what happened.

The officer in charge of the system, Dr. Eddie O’Neill, claimed that while the majority of applications were processed automatically, a tiny percentage needed to be manually reviewed.

In some cases, he explained, “we can’t process them because they don’t fulfil the standards, such being fewer than 14 days since your second vaccination.”

“Those regulations are set by the EU; we have no authority over them. We don’t write those rules.

“We will process everything we can possibly do.”

Dr. O’Neill stated that he thought some people had applied for certification even though they didn’t really need it right away.

There are a lot of candidates, and he questioned whether or not everyone applying will be travelling today or tomorrow.

“We believe that some people have not complied with the instruction to concentrate on those who have a more urgent need.”

What happened?

The Department of Health reported on Tuesday night that their programme for certifying vaccinations had “had a technical glitch and availability will be temporarily halted.”

Officials were informed that “a small number of users…may be supplied with data belonging to other users,” the statement continued.


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