Make Blackout Curtains Looks Good For Windows in Rooms

Make Blackout Curtains Looks Good For Windows in Rooms

You may be wondering how to attach the blackout lining to your curtains. Here are some ways you can attach it. You can use the no-sew method. You can also use double curtain rods. Also, choose the correct fabric for your curtains. If you are looking for curtains that are not only beautiful but also practical, consider purchasing Blackout Curtains in Dubai. You will find that the lining you buy will help keep you cool even on the hottest days.

No-sew method

There are two ways to hem a blackout curtain. If you’re using a lining, you can either stitch it on or cut the fabric and hem it at the bottom. Either way, you can’t miss the seam! If you follow directions, your curtains should hang correctly. Once you’ve hemmed them, you can attach the lining or fold them back to their original length.

To hem the blackout lining, you can use a fusible hemming tape. Simply place the tape between the two pieces of fabric and press with a standard iron. You can use sewing pins to hold the tape in place as you press. After that, you’re finished! The process takes less than five minutes and is sure to look great. The fabric will look fantastic when your curtains are no-see-ummered!

Double curtain rods

Double curtain rods make blackout curtains look nice. They’re easy to install and provide flexibility in placement. They come with two mounting options: on the wall above the window and on the ceiling. The design is sleek and elegant, while providing insulation for your room. They’ll help carry the heavy blackout curtains without bending or sagging. If you’re concerned about the durability of your blackout curtains, double curtain rods are an excellent option.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on double curtain rods to install blackout curtains. Instead, you can opt for a double curtain rod that is just as durable as a single rod. They’re available in many different styles and colors, from classic black to bronze. You can even get a double curtain rod to hang two separate curtains. This way, you can layer two separate curtains for added privacy and style.


Before sewing blackout curtains, you must choose a fabric that can block light and heat effectively. The most popular fabrics for these curtains include linen, velvet, and polycotton. However, if you want to avoid the use of heavy fabrics, you can choose other types of fabrics such as cotton and polyester. These fabrics have different characteristics, and you can mix and match them according to your needs. They can be made from a variety of materials, depending on your taste and budget.

Polyester is one of the most inexpensive fabrics for blackout curtains. It is also easy to maintain and durable, which is why it is often used for other types of household products. Polyester fabrics can withstand the use of frequent washings and do not shrink. If you want to make blackout curtains look good, you can choose the right kind of polyester fabric. But, make sure that the fabric you buy is strong enough to withstand daily wear.


Blackout curtains are not only functional, but also decorative. Available in a variety of fabrics and colors, they are a great addition to any room. Here are some tips to choose the right blackout curtain for your room. Read on to learn more! Here are some colors to make blackout curtains look good:

Light colors are not as likely to fade as dark ones, so opt for lighter curtains if you want to prevent the fading of the curtain. Moreover, light curtains are likely to incorporate lightweight materials. For a modern, slick look, you should choose a blackout curtain that is pure white. Its elegant texture and sober color will go well with modern and vintage styles. Whether you choose a sheer blackout curtain or a patterned one, it is important to know what color will look best in your room.

Pom poms

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to liven up your blackout curtains, consider adding pom poms. These cute accents are made of a variety of materials, including fabric, lace, and even ping pong balls. The best part is that you don’t need to sew these details in place, making them a great option for renters or people who don’t have tiebacks.

You can choose a variety of colors for your pom tassels. White looks good with a red trim, while yellow and coral look nice with a white tassel edging. A multicolored pom tassel edging adds character to a blackout curtain. It will be sure to add charm to your room. If you don’t want to make a big investment, you can also opt for inexpensive curtains without pom tassels.


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