Aavaz Free PBX – Best On-Premises Call Center Software in Delhi-NCR

Due to the increasing popularity of cloud-based communications, a significant portion of the call center industry still opts for on-premises call center software. Both types of call center software necessitate distinct implementation and infrastructure.

On-premises call center software is comparable to traditional contact center setups in that all necessary hardware, technical processes, and data centers are located on-premises, thus the name. On-premises call center solutions is still just as good as cloud-based call center software in terms of having complete control over how your company stores and optimizes data, as well as maintaining the systems with a set of specialized teams.

Assuming you’ve decided on on-premises call center software, the next step is to find the best on-premises call center software in Delhi-NCR.

Today, we’ll look at Aavaz Free PBX, which provides all-in-one call center solutions in one location, making it a one-stop-shop for all your telephony needs.

Let’s start by looking at one of the most important contact center solutions for superior customer service before discussing why businesses choose Aavaz Free PBX.

Multichannel Contact Center Solution

Multichannel channel solution 

A multichannel contact center is a customer experience solution to integrate multiple touchpoints with the customers. These touchpoints include voice, social media, web, and texts to make it easy for customers to access your company.

Aavaz ACD


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems allow you to distribute phone calls and other contact types to connect with agents. Businesses rely on this software to handle high call volumes, which necessitates routing criteria to evaluate which agent is best suited to handle each call.

Key Features of Aavaz ACD:

  • Skill-Based Routing
  • Data-Driven Routing
  • Queue Callback Routing
  • Real-Time Active Blending

Call Campaign Management

Call campaign management 

With Aavaz’s Call Campaign Management, you can efficiently and effectively manage multiple call campaigns at once. You can track your campaigns, get real-time reporting and data with a click of a button, have a detailed customer record of each prospect, including call history and outcomes. In addition, predictive dialer uses AI to amplify the number of lines dialed based on previous call talk time data gathered by Aavaz’s software.

Agent Monitoring

Agent monitoring 

The call barging feature allows managers to listen to an agent’s live calls and “barge-in” by turning them into 3-way conference calls if necessary. Aavaz also offers a “whisper” feature that enables them to coach the agent during their call with a customer without their knowledge. Barge-in and whisper feature allows you to monitor and supervise call flow in real-time to ensure superior customer service. 

Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics 

Call Center Analytics collects, measures, and displays a detailed report of performance metrics of your business. It tracks call data, agent performance, call handle time, call volume, hold time, and much more. It considers the human aspect when determining how calls are managed, which has an impact on the customers.

Businesses with access to this data help them provide excellent customer experience, boost brand loyalty, and improve bottom-line efficiency. 

Why Aavaz Free PBX?

Inbound Features

Inbound feature 

Efficiently managing inbound calls is important for businesses because it defines how customers view your brand as a whole. Aavaz enables you to handle all your incoming calls smoothly by providing features that ease your process and run the function smoothly.

Outbound Features

Outbound feature 

With Aavaz, managing calls and the spam scores of your telephony system is a breeze. With Aavaz’s user-friendly outbound calling system, you can maintain your caller ID, so it doesn’t look filtered or spammy.

Administrative Features

Administrative features 

Aavaz understands the importance of administering the team perfectly and minimizing human error as much as possible. With administrative features including listen, barge-in, listen, and call recording, you can ensure that all your team is on the same page.

Call Control Features

Call control feature 

Call control features like conference, attended transfer, hold, and mute, you can ensure that your team is prepared to service customers better on-demand with ease and unmatchable call control options.

General Features

General features 

With Aavaz, even the smallest details are important to help their customer grow. With general features like multiple language support, music-on-hold, dial-by directory, and more, you can rest easy knowing that your business is equipped with one of the best call center features in the market.


With Aavaz FreePBX, you can equip your business in any industry with a customized call center solution that meets both your current and future business needs. Simplify your daily business operation with Aavaz’s on-premises call center software and see how easy it is to deliver great customer service while boosting your business productivity. 

Want to learn about Aavaz Free PBX’s on-premises call center software? Contact Aavaz Free PBX today!


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