A Beginners Guide To Buying Marijuana Seeds

Buying your first batch of ILGM seeds is an exciting process. However, you want to make sure you don’t make any rookie mistakes that will prevent you from achieving your desired harvest. It doesn’t help that there are endless options to choose from. This can be overwhelming for beginners to choose the right seeds. Luckily, we have created this guide on how to buy marijuana seeds for beginners. 

We are going to answer all the questions that are racing through your head such as “where do I buy seeds?” or “how many seeds do I need?”. Let’s get started.

Marijuana Seeds 101

Cannabis plants are either male or female. Male plants are essentially useless for those looking for a free supply since they don’t produce buds. Female plants are the crown jewels and are what all growers are after. That being said, male plants pollinate females and that’s why we sometimes see seeds in our green-sticky buds. 

After maturing its seeds, the female plant will die for the seeds to reach the ground. These seeds will then grow into more cannabis plants, and the cycle of life continues. But the marijuana we consume is grown in a controlled environment with no male plants. That’s why they don’t produce any seeds. These buds are the most sought after since they are considered more high-quality.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you’ve ever spoken to someone who grows marijuana, you’ve probably heard them talk about feminized seeds. These are seeds that only produce female plants, so they are the most popular among growers. We won’t get too scientific, but essentially the female plants pollinate themselves to ensure no male seeds are produced.

There are few ways to produce feminized marijuana seeds such as:

  • Spraying the plants with silver
  • Rodelization or pushing a female plant beyond maturity
  • Using gibberellic acid to initiate germination

Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Normal marijuana plants will begin to flower after they relieve a specific amount of daily sunlight (around 12 hours). That’s because this is usually the amount of exposure present in the Fall when marijuana flowers naturally.

Autoflower marijuana plants don’t rely on a specific amount of sunlight to begin flowering. These plants will flower automatically based on their age. One benefit of autoflower plants is that they harvest a lot faster than photoperiod plants. Many growers want to get their hands on these seeds, so they can be quite difficult to come across.  A great place to start is Zamnesia, where you will find one of the biggest selections of quality cannabis seeds.

What About Clones? 

Clones are pieces of a marijuana plant that have been cut off. With clones, roots are still able to grow which can form an entirely new plant. Though clones are an effective way to grow weed, people tend to favor seeds, and here’s why. 

  • Clones aren’t as sturdy
  • Clones absorb less water and nutrients
  • Seeds are more versatile

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds

Nowadays, you can easily purchase seeds online. However, it can be difficult to gauge whether or not the seeds are high-quality. If you’re looking to purchase high thc cannabis seeds, it’s best to get them from a reputable source.


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