7 Warning Signs of a Bad Commercial Painter to Know

7 Warning Signs of a Bad Commercial Painter to Know

A painting project for your business is a big investment. An efficient painting job attracts more people to take interest in your business place. A good painting job can provide so many benefits to your business, such as

  • Enhance your business
  • Protect your asset
  • Add value to your place
  • Attract more customers to your place.

As far as an efficient painting job provides this much benefit to your business, a bad painting job does the opposite of this. For commercial painting, it is important to hire skilled and professional painters in Perth. But if you cannot decide which painters are good or not for your business, you can waste your time and money.

Before hiring commercial painters in Perth, you need to make sure whether they are skilled or not. Moreover, you need to make sure whether they can fulfil your requirement or not. There are warning signs that you can consider before hiring painters in Perth.

  1. No license and insurance

Always look for painters who are well established and have legal documents. At least commercial painters should have a license for their work. Many people while hiring commercial painters in Perth do ask for a license. People do not consider it important. However, big business owners first ask for a license while hiring commercial painters.

Why is a license important for painters?

License is proof that someone is providing a professional and authentic service.it is important for any service because it is the legal proof that the specific service is reliable. This is why it is important for painters too. Many people do hire painters without a license and waste their time and money. Therefore, licensing and insurance are important.

Therefore, if you want to hire painters for your commercial painting project, ask for a license first. In this way, you can avoid scammers and inexperienced painters. If the painting contractors are without license and insurance do not hire them.

  1. No portfolio

If the commercial painters in Perth cannot provide you with at least 5 referrals of their previous work, do not hire them. A portfolio is proof that the painters you are hiring are experienced. With the portfolio, you can judge the painter whether they can fulfil your requirements or not. So, if you decide to hire a painter, ask for their portfolio. If the painting contractors have no portfolio, do not hire them.

  1. Vague estimate

As a business owner, you must know the prices of commercial painting services in Perth. Professional commercial painters in Perth always offer services at their standard prices. Moreover, they tell every detail of the cost before getting hired.

Furthermore, professional painters give costs according to the state and size of the commercial; building and the product they use. On the other hand, scammers give their own vague budget without seeing the location. Moreover, they demand a high amount of money in advance. This is the warning sign that you should know.

  1. High-pressure hiring procedure

Dishonest painters put high pressure on their customers to get hired. They tell their customers to take immediate action for commercial painting in Perth. They pursued and motivated their customers to hire them without showing any portfolio. So, if you ever experience this kind of behaviour with commercial painters in Perth, avoid hiring them.

  1. Improper tools and types of equipment

Professional commercial painters always use advanced painting tools and materials for painting jobs. Only a brush and bucket of paint are not enough for a commercial painting project. You need a full pack of advanced equipment to get your painting project done efficiently. 

So, when you hire a painter, ask for their painting procedure. If the equipment they use and the procedure do not seem satisfactory to you, do not hire them.

  • Proper tools enhance the painting 
  • Give a smooth touch to the surface
  • Avoid creating mess
  • Give professional look

On the other hand, the wrong tools and materials do the opposite. Moreover, it can waste your time and money.

  1. Lack of reviews and referrals

If you want to hire an expert painter for a commercial painting project, check references. If a painter’s site is out of reference and lacks reviews, consider not hiring them. It is a big sign that painters are not qualified and experienced.

  1. They lack the necessary experience

Experience is necessary for any painting job.w whether it is a house painting or a commercial painting. However, commercial painting demands more experience than house painting. Therefore, when you hire commercial painters in Perth, make sure they have the necessary experience. A lack of experienced painters can ruin your place.


There are seven bad signs that you should consider. If you ignore these signs, you will face a waste of time and money.


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