5 important International events where celebrities showcase expensive Jewellery collections

5 important International events where celebrities showcase expensive Jewellery collections

Celebrities are people who are closely followed and inspire many people and trends. Generally, whatever they wear and do becomes a sensation and therefore they are a great way to showcase or promote any kind of jewellery item. Celebrities dress up fashionable for important events and are extensively photographed and filmed during these events to see what they are wearing. Here are a few events where they are closely followed and have a chance to showcase their jewellery collections.

Met Gala

The Met Gala is a charity event that is held annually in order to raise funds for Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute which is situated in New York City. It is the start of the annual fashion exhibition therefore designers are encouraged to work closely with celebrities on their outfits to come up with something unique and unconventional. Therefore, the outfits and jewellery of the celebrities who appear at the Met Gala stand out in a vibrant and unique way with some being described as bizarre. However, it is interesting to see the creativity with the outfits and the inspiration behind them.


The Academy Awards which are popularly known as the Oscars is another annual event which celebrates the work of the film industry. It is organized to award the people involved in the artistic and technical merit of a film. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards of the entertainment industry. All celebrities invited to the Oscars dress impeccably in their designer outfits and synthetic diamond rings and tend to inspire trends with their getups.

Cannes Film Festival

Devoted to the development of the film industry all across the world, the Cannes film festival is an annual event held in the city of Cannes to bring to light artistic movies that deserve to be showcased all around the world. Movies from all across the world can participate and the best one is awarded at the festival. Several celebrities are invited to the red carpet of the festival who dress up in beautiful outfits that are worth noticing. All celebrities are photographed while they showcase their stunning outfits and jewellery.

Grammy Awards

Just like the film industry, the music industry has their own awards. The Grammy awards are held every year to celebrate the outstanding achievement in music where the awards are presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. It is a huge event that is attended by several celebrities from across the world. The celebrities dress very stylishly for the event and are photographed and covered extensively both before and after the awards night.

British Academy Film Awards

Another famous awards night is the British Academy Film Awards that is held by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in order to honour international and British contributions to films. Many celebrities attend this event in their stylish get ups and their photographs are published in Fashion and Jewellery magazine highlighting their outfits and jewellery.


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