5 Affordable Watches For Different Occasions

5 Affordable Watches For Different Occasions

Just as it is necessary to keep track of money, it is also crucial to keep track of time. In the past, a wristwatch was a status symbol and not something you could live without. It was formerly a mark of wealth; nowadays, only the well-off can afford to own one.

It is common for people to own at least one watch that can serve as a convenient timepiece for various occasions due to the widespread availability of less expensive models. However, this in no way diminishes the fact that they are costly. They still are, which is why everyone is so careful about their own. Some families even keep it in the family forever. However, this has fast changed due to the proliferation of mobile phones. These devices, especially smartphones, have gradually supplanted watches as the standard means of keeping track of time due to their accurate time-keeping capabilities.

These guys don’t realize that there are reasonably priced timepieces that don’t sacrifice style. At the very least, they are serviceable enough for regular usage and provide lux-level functionality.

Formal Watch

The Curren watches is our top selection for when you need to look your best. This is an exquisitely designed dress watch that can be worn with any outfit and will always look great. This is a classic timepiece with its sunburst dial, simple indexes, and clean dauphine hands. This stylish timepiece comes in two dial colors—grey and blue—and would look great with jeans or a suit.

Men’s Curren watches come in various styles, from sporty to businesslike. This refined appearance is bolstered by lugs that mimic the twisted kind of more expensive wristwatches. The 50m water rating is excellent if caught in the rain, and the date window at three o’clock adds a nice touch. This watch is powered by a solar quartz movement manufactured in Japan, which is fantastic because it reduces the frequency with which the battery must be changed. It’s precise and dependable, too, so you can rest easy.

Casual Watch

The Armani Geraldo AX2811 is an excellent alternative, but it’s not simple to pick because our daily routines vary so much. With its unique hexagonal design, the blue dial stands out among budget-friendly timepieces. Like the others on this list, its quartz construction makes it an ideal on-the-go companion.

It’s a straightforward three-hander, serving a practical purpose and fitting nicely with the overall aesthetic. The addition looks great with the gunmetal grey finish, which gives the whole thing a raw, contemporary vibe. The least amount of text possible highlights the design and establishes the minimalist look further. Made from stainless steel with a mineral crystal and 50m of water resistance, this watch is perfect for the humid California summers. See what else the Exchange has to offer in terms of watches for men if you’re looking for something a little more laid-back and contemporary.

Sport Watch

The Tomi watches are excellent if you frequently go for runs or jogs but dislike wearing smartwatches. To begin, it is unmistakably athletic, with the metallic turquoise highlights and bursts of red on the dial, the highly polished regions around the case and bracelet, and the brushed components throughout. It has a 60-second timer, 30-minute, and 24-hour timer, so you can perfectly time your outdoor adventure.

The TOMI-T011 can be charged by the sun, so you won’t have to remember to bring extra batteries when you leave the house. In addition, a power indicator lets you know how much juice is left in the battery. All this is supported by a 100m water resistance and a sturdy stainless steel build, which is essential given the unpredictability of our climate. Finally, a solid 2-year guarantee is provided as a cherry on top.

Adventure Watch

The GA-2100, also known as the Casioak, was one of the most anticipated men’s timepieces to be released by Casio in 2019 when the watch was first made available for purchase. This model’s most recent incarnation offers a wide variety of color and material combinations for the customer to select from. One such variety is the Foggy Forest, which features a camouflage pattern with vivid blue and yellow highlights. This makes it an excellent choice for wearing on the weekend.

Because it is resistant to water up to 200 meters deep, the GA-2100 is an adventure watch that can go anywhere you go. In addition to dual time modes, a plethora of daily alarms, and various other cutting-edge features, the Ana-Digi movement enables the watch to display two different time zones simultaneously. Additionally, it features a carbon core at its center and a resin outside.

Globe-Trotter Watch

One of the innovations that have made it considerably simpler to travel to other countries is the standardization of GMT. Bear in mind that these were first released in the 1950s and predate the sophisticated technology we are all accustomed to using today. As a result, the capacity to monitor two time zones was a genuine game-changer; nevertheless, GMT watches were considered premium luxury items back then. These days, however, you can purchase a GMT watch such as the Rotary Horizon for a far lower price.

You may easily monitor a second time zone with the help of the Horizon’s 24-hour ring and GMT hand, which are included in the watch. On top of that, it’s gorgeous as well, thanks to a striking blue sunburst dial and bursts of red that give it a sporty vibe while preserving legibility. This is all thanks to a sunburst dial design. The water-resistance of 50 meters is perfect for everyday wear but is not recommended for water activities. Because of all these factors, it is an excellent option for people who frequently travel between different time zones. During your travels, the additional peace of mind you get from a sapphire crystal and stainless steel build, backed up by a healthy two-year guarantee, will come in handy. Explore the entire selection of men’s timepieces offered by Rotary.


Here are five possible scenarios shortly, along with some potential options for a quick, on-the-go fix. Remember that this is only a starting point to point you in the right direction, and feel free to browse the remainder of the men’s selection and put together your collection to suit your taste and needs. However, remember that this is just a suggestion.


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